Custom Picture Framing Vancouver

Your downtown Vancouver source for all your picture framing needs. Let our friendly knowledgeable staff help you frame that special piece of Artwork, Photograph, Poster, Needlepoint, Memorabilia, Mirrors, even your child's favorite art piece. Harrison Galleries has over 45 years of delivering exceptional picture framing services to artists, galleries, museums, governments, and companies throughout the world. 

Jennifer Harrison has been custom framing fine art and collectibles for over 25 years. She has plenty of experience collaborating with customers, designers and conservators in order to choose the correct treatment for any piece, no matter what the value.

The frame shop offers an extensive selection of North American and fine Italian mouldings, and consultations are free of charge. In-home consultations are also available.

Jennifer has been PPFA (Professional Picture Framer’s Association) certified since 1988.

Phone for an appointment or in-home consultation. 


We Frame Almost Anything


Animation Cells
Antique Maps
Children’s Art
Sports Memorabilia
Christening Dresses
Wedding Invitations
Fishing Flies
Birch Bark Bitings


A Little About Picture Framing



These are wooden frame inserts wrapped in linen, and sometimes silk. They are most often used in place of matting for paintings on board or canvas, as these do not require glass. They come in a variety of widths, styles and shades.


This is a paper product that comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes. It is used to create a border on artworks that require glass. Matting can be cut, carved and stacked to create a myriad of creative effects.
Matting also keeps the glass off the surface of your artwork, thus creating an air space and inhibiting the buildup of humidity which can damage artwork over time.

*It is important to always request Archival quality mat boards and backings for your valuable pieces.


A “fillet” is like a tiny finished frame. It can be used on the inner lip of a frame, liner or mat, to enhance the overall look. Fillets come in hundreds of finishes to match your frame or artwork.


Regular picture glass is an excellent choice for most of your framing needs.

Conservation glass is simply regular glass with a micro-thin Ultraviolet filter coating on the underside of the glass. Conservation glass is necessary where you have a valuable work of art or collectible that is susceptible to UV damage over time.

Reflection free glass is used less and less. The old “etched” glass is still available, but has the negative effect of having a foggy or hazy look to it. The newer reflection free glass has an anti-reflective coating on the outside of the glass, much like a pair of eye glasses. There is still some reflection, but it is greatly reduced. This glass does require careful handling and cleaning.

Museum glass has the UV coating on the underside of the glass, and the anti-reflective coating on the outside.


These are usually narrow frames that sit around the outside edge of a painting on stretched canvas. The effect is to finish the edges without covering them.

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Gallery Location

901 Homer Street
(corner of Homer and Smithe) 

Vancouver, B.C. V6B 2W6
  Phone: (604) 732-5217
  Fax: (604) 732-0911

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Opening Hours:
From 10:00-6:00 Monday to Friday

        10:00-5:00 Saturday/Sunday